Free HIV test – a service that is likely to help a lot of people reduce the possibility of getting ill with above mentioned virus

More and more people contemporarily according to various surveys done by professionals in the area of health are believed to be either ill or risking more to catch HIV virus.

plasterek z serduszkiem


The reason why probability got considerably higher than in the past is that improving percentage of countries introduce new policy regards sexual upbringing. The age of sexual initiation has been reduced a lot and therefore, in plenty countries for instance of eastern Europe there is more and more difficulties such as inter alia increasing percentage of young parents. One of other influential complications related to increasing risk of catching HIV virus is referred to the fact that a variety of people are unaware of the fact they may have problem with it (here). Nonetheless, if they would have done free HIV test just for their own even though they may have observed that they are ill, they would save their partners from similar drama.

That’s the reason why, especially in those countries, where the probability is quite high, appropriate social campaigns should be implemented. Their purpose would be to promote solutions such as free HIV test and to convince people to check themselves in order to stop this virus from further


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development. If similar campaigns would be implemented appropriately the risk of catching similar virus would be substantially minimized. Furthermore, if that would be done by everyone, maybe it would be even possible to get rid of this virus on a worldwide scale.

Taking everything into consideration, we need to not forget that in order to be perceived as responsible people, thinking about such services like checking ourselves in terms of health is obligatory. Especially in case of such alternatives like free HIV test, which we don’t have to pay for. Nonetheless, as for a variety of people it is quite shameful and intimate issue, first and foremost it is advised to be socially advertised as something that should be a standard.